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ZFT works with a wide range of stock partners in all of its fields of competence. Partnerships are firmly embedded in our way of working at global, regional and national levels.

By joining forces with its partners, we can leverage resources, expertise and competencies to promote our ideals and values and achieve common goals. ZFT offers a range of different entry points for partnerships. Excellence, Integrity, Contribution, Leadership and Honor lie at the heart of our partnership agenda.

Benefits of our partnerships

Academic Partnerships

ZFT can start them young and help students jumpstart their trading careers by teaching them the basics and let them get the real experience.

Brand Alliance

Your alliance with ZFT can create mutually-exclusive campaigns and help each other grow in the process. This widens both of our bases. This is a win-win strategic exchange of value

B2B Partnerships

ZFT can help you move to the grassroots where you can reach real traders on a more personal level.

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