Minerva Journal

Minerva is a trading journal and analytics app that allows traders to record, plan and even manage their trades with ease. The best traders out there who are consistently profitable treat trading as a business. As such, they make sure they keep track of their performance so they can continuously improve their edge.

As of this date, Minerva supports two versions. V2 is a full desktop application that runs on MS Excel, while V3 which was recently released is a web application that is currently on BETA. Both versions are included in our Lifetime Package.

Our goal is to transition fully to a webapp / mobile app platform for maximum efficiency and convenience to our users. We also plan to integrate advanced features in the future like automated trading and investment advisory services.

Minerva Journal

Meet Minerva

Our FULL version includes the following features and functionalities:

  1. Trading journal with personalized inputs
  2. Ledger importers – we support ledgers / SOAs of the following brokers: PSE – AAA, COL, 2Trade, Timson, First Metro Sec, MyTrade Global – Binance, E-toro
  3. Risk Management Calculators and Smart Risk Advisor
  4. Trade Planner
  5. Open Trades Manager
  6. Dynamic Dashboard – for ease of filtering through your performance
  7. Trade Performance Simulator

We also have a FREE LITE Version which includes the basic functionalities of the app.

How to avail Minerva?

We are currently offering our V2 + V3 Package at a discount this December 2021!

Regular price: P4,299

Latest discounted price: P3,649 (650 off)

This package is available to the first 50 new users for this month.

You can click the order form link below to proceed. All instructions and details needed for purchase and installation are already found in the order form: bit.ly/3bM9SII